Additional editorial staff required!

With Sue Studden standing down from the Flyer team the volunteer team is running at bare minimum.

While the 3 remaining editors will do their best to keep service as normal, the reality is that the current level of support is not sustainable. The long-term running of the editorial, treasurer and advertising duties will need more volunteers if the monthly publication of the Berkeley Flyer is to continue.

There are 3 roles that we would like help with. They are;

Editor - to share duties with other editors to produce the monthly editions of the Berkeley Flyer. If we can recruit another editor this would mean taking responsibility for an edition 3 times a year. In addition editors attend a meeting once a month to proof-read the latest edition and discuss any issues arising. So most months the time required is small. For the months that you are editing the edition 2 or 3 evenings are needed to fit all the articles into place once the deadline for submissions has passed on the 15th of the month, ready to send to print around the 25th of the month.

Advertising - A role for an organised person who can track what adverts need renewing and send out invoices, deal with enquiries for new advertising and let the editors know who is in and who is out each month. Attendance at the monthly meetings would be welcomed but is not essential providing advertising details were shared with the editors.

Treasurer - Responsible for paying in money, paying bills (there aren't many - mainly printing costs that are all set up) and handling the small amount of petty cash from Flyer sales. Annual accounts will also need to be produced. This role could be carried out with little involvement in the publication of the Berkeley Flyer itself but would need someone with some accounts skills.

Do you think you can help? We don’t mind if you want to do one role, a combination of a couple of them or if you want to throw yourself into things and sign up for all three, we’d just love to hear from you so please email